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The plan is to make dunk!festival2014 the best edition ever… Again!
Some bands are already invited to come back to Zottegem. But before they can be confirmed we need your help:

The situation

Dunk!festival2013 was, like every year a wonderful weekend with lots of great bands and nice people. A lot of energy goes into organizing such an event but to us it is energy well spent and most importantly done with much love. However, it also involves a lot of money. And let that be the spoiler of this year’s edition. We are 10.000€ short to cover all the costs (70.000€) we made for dunk!festival2013. Having a second stage and more bands did not cause this problem though. This year’s budget almost equals the amount we spent in 2012. We simply didn’t have as much visitors as we had expected.

For a second we were considering to skip the 10th edition in 2014 and move it to 2015. But we just can’t have a year passing by without an edition of dunk!festival. And certainly not if it is edition #10! So we are going to make this happen but this time we won’t be able to make it without your help. That’s why we have set up a crowd funding campaign.


- Tickets will be cheaper no matter what we collect through this campaign. However most of you seem to be more than willing to pay the 85€ we asked in 2013…

- It will all happen on April 18-19-20. Which means no freezing temperatures at night. It will probably be the last time we fix the festival to the Easter weekend. We are thinking of switching to a more interesting time and maybe even moving to another location. High summer, and in Brazil for example.

- The line-up will be even more awesome! But that also depends on the amount we collect here of course. Some of the biggest bands we had, have already shown their interest in coming back to Zottegem.

- Of course there will be free coffee and breakfast like always. That is the rule!

- There will be package deals including a combi ticket and a ho(s)tel for the weekend.

Contribute here.

For those who would like to contribute but don’t have a paypal account please just send us an email
with what you would like to contribute and we’ll answer with our bank account number.

Extra rewards!

Some bands decided to help us out and contribute with what they’re good in: music.
So for all backers who offer more than a certain amount there is a little something extra offered by a band or a label.

These are the extra rewards:
- A signed Kokomo CD (‘Kokomo’). Available: 30. Minimum contribution: 15€.
- A signed Atlantis LP (‘Mistress Of Ghosts’). Available: 15. Minimum contribution: 20€.
- Kapitän Platte package (label compilation + Lockerbie album). Available: 15. Minimum contribution: 12€.
- Alright The Captain download code (new EP). Available: 10. Minimum contribution: 10€.
- San Diablo EP. Available: 20. Minimum contribution: 12€.
- Stories From The Lost CD (‘For Clouds’). Available: 5. Minimum contribution: 15€.
- SOLD OUT: HANDLINGNOISE CD (very last copies in the world!). Available: 3. Minimum contribution: 20€.
- Signed Terraformer CD (‘The Sea Shaper’). Available: 5. Minimum contribution: 15€.
- 5 duo tickets for a 65daysofstatic show in Metz on October 17th. Offered by Young Team. Available: 5. Minimum contribution: 50€.

Every funder (also the ones that already sponsored our campaign) can choose one of the above specials if you contributed more than the minimum amount.
To claim your extra reward just send us an email (sent from the email address you used to contribute) and ask for your special reward.

Important: These offers are limited so be fast!

Thank you all for the support!!

Contribute here.

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