Line up is almost complete!

Line up

The line up for dunk!festival 2012 is almost complete!
These are the awesome bands that are already known:
- 65daysofstatic (UK)
- Omega Massif (DE)
- Beware Of Safety (US)
- Sky Architects (DK)
- Mosquito (BE)
- Alright The Captain (UK)
- Vessels (UK)
- The Allstar Project (PT)
- My Empty Phantom (US)
- Pelican (US)
- Kasan (DE)
- Lento (IT)
- If These Trees Could Talk (US)
- Terraformer (BE)
- Late Night Venture (DK)
- The Samuel Jackson Five (NO)
- Atlantis (NL)
- SleepMakesWaves (AUS)

Only three more bands need to confirm! We keep you posted!


Combi tickets are already available!
One day tickets and the schedules will be available soon.

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