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We have been and are still working hard on next years line-up and we're happy to announce the first names for dunk!festival2017. They come from different parts of the world and their styles are probably as far away from each other as their homes are. But still situated in the 'post scene' of course. Anyway, let's get down to business. Give it up for the first bands of #dnk17!!

Meniscus from Sydney, Australia is not new in the scene. They've built their reputation from their start in 2005 and released three albums so far. Their latest album Refractions was released in October 2016 and it's "a mature, varied and massively immersive post-rock album" according to Merchants of Air. We couldn't agree more and can't wait to see them live on our stage. Have a listen yourself or get it in our store.

Mooncake from Russia is one of the leading bands in the instrumental music scene in Russia. But their debut album Lagrange Points (2008) was very well received worldwide. Bring your space suits because the main idea of their music is "to open the door to infinite space and cosmos in any everyday thing". This can't go wrong right?

Flash the Readies from Czech Republic released their latest album Kayos on dunk!records last week and they are eager to introduce themselves at dunk!festival2017. They used to be an indie rock band but turned completely post-rock with Kayos. And they are good at it! The album is available on 180g colored vinyl and on most digital platforms. Check them out!

Malämmar from Barcelona, Spain has been spending the last few weeks writing and recording their debut album. Vendetta will be released on dunk!records next month but is already available for pre-order for a special introduction price. They can’t wait to play the festival and show the scene what they got. This first song from their upcoming album has been playing through our speakers repeatedly for the last two days.

A limited amount of Early Bird Tickets will be available real soon. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter and be the first to know.