Monochrome Noise Love is their fourth album, the first one they wrote and recorded as a five-piece and the complete opposite of a concept album. You will face a new discovered lightness and ten new songs that each stand for itself – although they had the plan of writing a concept album in the beginning.
In the course of time it got more and more clear, that they would take all the time and freedom they needed for this album. Every song arouses the need to try something new, incorporate new things or write something they always wanted to and to slip in instruments that were needed to make their music complete. 

Monochrome Noise Love is darker and more sophisticated than their previous albums. But it still sounds like Kokomo – it is authentic, imperfect, fragile and loud

Monochrome Noise Love was released on February 12th, 2016 on dunk!records, Aloud Music Records and i.corrupt.records.

The album is available on CD and (colored) vinyl in The Stargazer Store.