Guys, we don’t know what to say. The past few days were simply amazing. It was one big family again and we’re happy all those great people and bands were part of it. You, our loyal audience, was the best we could imagine. We really mean that. Most of you sticked to the schedule like only our stage manager does. Also we didn’t have to pick up a single can or anything else at the camping site. Thank you so much for keeping it clean!

Unfortunately we were not able to see all the shows ourselves but the ones we saw were epic and overwhelming.
Half of the backstage crew grabbed their own instruments to play a show at #dnk15. Celestial Wolvesopened this 11th edition in style. Stories From The Lost covered in for Doomina who didn’t make it in time because of a flat tire. We hope you enjoyed those bands too.

Thank you so much again for being part of #dnk15 and we hope to see you all next year on May 5-6-7. We started working on that a few weeks ago.