It is an honor to publish this extraordinary post with 3 more awesome bands to complete the #dnk16 line-up. The line-up so far was already really exciting for fans of the post-rock/metal genre but we are beyond excited to be able to add these guys to this years line-up. Please give it up for:

We had to wait a while for these three but you have to admit it was all worth it!

This Will Destroy You already played for a dunk!crowd in 2009 and 2012. We are so looking forward to see them on our new stage in Velzeke.
Russian Circles will be at dunk!festival for the first time ever and we can not wait to roll that drum riser to the middle of the stage.
Collapse Under The Empire will play their very first show EVER at dunk!festival2016.

Check out the COMPLETE line-up over here.
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