Update April 19th: all combi tickets are gone. Day tickets still available!

Update April 18th: only 10 combi tickets left.

It's time for another ticket update. We're now just a few tickets (8!) away from the initial combi ticket limit. That is pretty remarkable since we already added 50% more tickets from the start. Because combi tickets are selling that fast we decided to change 150 day tickets into 50 combi tickets. So we now have a little bit more than 50 combi tickets available. If those are gone we reached our absolute maximum capacity without losing comfort.

Talking about comfort. Maybe you've already heard that we will set up an extra tent for merch/lounge bar/interview stage to make sure there is enough space at the festival and everyone can come and go where they want at any time. This extra tent also means more space for the restaurant since the merch will be moved out there. Besides that the main stage tent will be huge: 3m higher and a little bit bigger. That means also the stage will be even more impressive! Here's our plan. What do you think?

Important information: ticket orders with manual payment will be cancelled if no payment is received after 7 days. Because we will sell out soon you won't have a second chance. The Stargazer Store supports all usual payment methods, most of them are a lot easier than bank transfer.