We received a few questions wether the festival will still take place after the horrible events of March 22nd. First of all, we're very sad for all the victims of these cowardly actions. Some people in our team have jobs in Brussels and even a few of them are working at the airport but they were safe the whole time.

Now the plan is to continue with organizing this festival and to be together and enjoy the friendship and music for 3 wonderful days. So we're not going to change anything.

What you need to know is that all air traffic has been relocated to other airports in Belgium but airplanes are starting to return to Brussels Airport. Also Ryanair is landing in Zaventem again. If you're traveling to our festival by plane we would like to suggest to keep an eye on your flight information and make sure you know where you're going to. We're pretty sure you'll be able to land in Brussels Airport but it might be possible you'll be redirected to Charleroi or Liège. Train connection between Zottegem and Brussels is usually very good and was never an issue. The train connection between Zaventem and Brussels is not restored yet but we expect that to happen very soon.

So basically, we think all transportation will be back to normal at the time you travel to Belgium but please be aware that you might need to take a bus or taxi instead of the usual train connection from Zaventem to Brussels.

Looking forward to see you all at #dnk16!!