Hi everyone, we're still waiting for a few confirmations here but we can already give you this extremely interesting bunch of new names that will join us at #dnk17. Some of them will bring some more action to the line-up and others will go easy on your ears but all of them have their own unique sound and presence that will contribute to this wonderful edition of #dnk17. That being said, we're not even close to the final line-up ;-).

Picture by Davy De Pauw, ASIWYFA at #dnk14.

Those who were there at dunk!festival 2014 know what to expect when And So I Watch You From Afar climbs on stage. But for those who were not: expect an overwhelming show with a continuous flow of energetic riffs from the first minute to the last. This was the only show ever where we had to make sure there was a crew in front of the stage to keep everything and everyone (more or less) into place.

Also Stearica from Italy will bring their heavy tunes to the dunk!fields. We went to see them live a few months ago (ear plugs already in position) but last minute they were only allowed to play an acoustic set. They were sad, we were sad so here we are. For real this time!

We discovered Alma at last years Arctangent in Bristol. We were extremely surprised by these fragile tunes on this festival full of math rock and other heaviness. Don't even think about taking a break when they are on! This will be one of the most beautiful shows of the entire weekend.

The Void Of Expansion is a project by Dirk Serries and Tomas Järmyr or also 2/3 of YODOK III who you might remember from last year. These guys will bring some freejazz with elements of shoegaze, postrock, ambient and noise in the game. They told us this will be 'a musical beast that is equally silent, extremely meditative, slow evolving and violently loud'. This sounds serious.

These three guys from Belgium aka True Champions Ride On Speed will bring in the heavy math tunes. Not really math rock though. It's probably called 'experimental math rock'. But more math than experimental. Anyway, in the end it's about the sound, not the words. Definitely check them out!

M[[O]]ON from France is 'dream doom, noisy post-rock and mini drones'. This might be the slowest show of the festival and we have a special location in mind for that! Sit back and let the drones lead your brain into vague stories while the sun falls through the leaves. All of that in slow motion. Just perfect.

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