A whole bunch of bands were already announced but we're not done yet. With these 5 new names we're at 33 bands confirmed for #dnk17 and still counting. Today we would like to introduce you to these guys. Check them out if you didn't know them before. All of them are definitely worth your time!

Set and Setting from Florida, USA will cross the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and we're excited to have them at dunk!festival... And dunk!records! This Friday they will release Reflectionless on vinyl with us (EU color edition). A few songs were already previewed. Ephemerality just yesterday on Arctic Drones:

Also Terraformer is working on a new album to be released on dunk!records. Actually it's being pressed on vinyl as we speak. It will be released on February 16th! Pre-orders are coming soon. We actually already previewed one song of this upcoming album in our second podcast if you remember. This trio from Belgium already showed us what they got at previous editions, last time with a special show in the forest.

The Black Heart Rebellion from Belgium takes their time to write and release new music but that's always worth the waiting. They're making use of unusual instruments to set a haunting base layer for their dark, dramatic stories. This show won't be like anything you ever heard before. We witnessed that at dunk!festival in 2013.

Time To Burn from Paris, France was on hiatus until recently. Now they're back! And we didn't want to miss this chance to have them at #dnk17. If our infrastructure survives this post-hardcore explosion of sound we're sure we can handle anything. Definitely have a listen to Nayeli from the album Is.Land.

Ashtoreth is a solo project and probably the only guy at the festival that can claim he has a clothing line (by Pelican Avenue) dedicated to his music. He even got to play it live at the Paris Fashion week in 2011. Ashtoreth is an experiment in minimal, drone, doom, post-rock and many other styles but always in free form. Also this show will be a unique experience in combination with the location we have in mind ;-).

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