It's been a while since we talked about #dnk17 but that doesn't mean we've been sitting around doing nothing. We've been working hard on the line-up but also on other projects like new releases, dunk!USA (check out our fancy dropdown 'Festival' button above), a real record store,... But more about that later.

Announcing new names is always fun. Certainly if it's 10 bands at once, including the first headliner for our 13th edition! If you were not excited yet this is a good time to start counting down to dunk!festival 2017. Only 139 days to go!!


We're extremely happy to announce Earth as our first headliner for #dnk17. Founded in 1989 (What?! That's the average age of our visitors!) and pioneers of drone doom music, integrating more jazzy and country music elements now. They will bring their slow-paced tunes from Seattle to Zottegem and make Friday, May 26th one of the best days of the year.

Mutiny on the Bounty was booked for last years edition but they had to cancel last minute. We saw these guys plenty of times before at other festivals and they blew us away every time. It was just a matter of time to have them at dunk!festival. So here they are. 'Dancy math rock' from Luxembourg!

Dumbsaint will join the Australian party at #dnk17. Together with We Lost The Sea and Meniscus they are touring Europe next spring. We will be their very first European show! I'm sure you are as excited about this show as we are. Our LED wall will be perfect for this.

Arms and Sleepers will be back in 2017 with their full band. You know these guys? Of course you do! They were there for the first time in 2011, came back in 2013, 2014, 2016 and now 2017. Unless #dnk17 is your first edition you know this will be excellent!

Ilydaen is working hard on a new album and they're eager to release it at #dnk17 on dunk!records. This Belgian trio is giving everything they have each and every time. So we are sure this show will be one of the highlights of the festival, knowing they did this in 2015:

Picture by Davy De Pauw, Ilydaen at dunk!festival 2015.

Picture by Davy De Pauw, Ilydaen at dunk!festival 2015.

Barst, Syndrome and CHVE were there in 2016 and their sounds are still haunting the fields. We really liked these shows and they really liked our forest so we kindly asked all of them to come back to do their thing in our forest. That's right, we'll have some more shows in the forest this time. In fact this is the entire line-up of our forest 'stage' on Saturday May 27th. It will be the perfect day for a walk in the forest.

Kozmotron, is space rock from Belgium. It's hard to find information about these guys. We were probably looking in the wrong dimension. Anyway, their music is weird stuff but really cool. Experimental and everything. Perfect for our Stargazer Stage!

Run Golden Boys is coming all the way from Mexico. That's not another dimension but still impressive right? They started out in 2009 and released two albums so far. This will be their first show outside of Mexico!

Already announced: We Lost The Sea, Pray For Sound, Meniscus, Jambinai, Lost In Kiev, Malämmar, Mooncake, The Moth Gatherer, La Ciencia Simple, Flash the Readies, All We Expected, The Chasing Monster.