With only 99 days to go until our 13th edition we still owe you a bunch of names. Here we have 5 new additions to the line-up. That means we still have 6 more secret names to announce. Almost there! Now give it up for:

Xenon Field from Dublin, Ireland will bring 'a fuse of electronic noises and live instrumentation to create an unusual, unique hybrid sound.' A first listen a few months ago learned us they weren't lying. This duo will bring up tempo electronic (post) rock songs to the stage. A refreshment for the ears!

Spurv from Oslo, Norway will bring us these beautiful post-rock songs with fragile guitar melodies exploding into shredding climaxes that were and still are the essence of the genre. This will be a wonderful post-rock show, mostly consisting of epic highlights.

Halma from Hamburg, Germany is a quartet bringing cinematic compositions. In 1999 they started out as a classic rock formation but moved away from the classic song structures and relied more on improvisation as a starting point to write music. They transfer mechanisms of electronic music into an analog band structure, like they explain themselves.

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems (Inwolves) both played the festival before but never together. They recently released an EP on Midira Records where 'you have to listen carefully to get every aspect of the sound, there is so much room in this music to be filled by your imagination'. Have a listen here.

The Chapel of Exquises Ardents Pears is a collaboration between Anathème (FR) and Stems (UK). We could try to describe what came out of this but we suggest you just have a listen yourself:

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