We are extremely happy to have Mineral out on dunk!records today. Their third full album is as heavy as you can expect from this Belgian trio that's producing heavy post-metal tunes since 2010.  They previously released The Sea Shaper (2012) and Creatures (2014) on dunk!records.

Rather than a concept album, Mineral is an overall theme that frames the mind of the record. Doomy but still melodic. Expect epic climaxes, tearful melodies and heaviness all over the place. Unlike the artwork might warn you, it's not prog/acid tunes escaped from the 70's.

Recorded by Terraformer at the Warehouse. Mixed and mastered by Tobias Stieler. (Kokomo). Artwork by Fabrice Bovy.

Mineral comes on 180g vinyl in two limited color editions: black splatter on purple or plain orange.