You are probably aware of the fact that the festival has this label project called dunk!records where we release a few albums on vinyl once in a while. For this years edition of the festival we have some pretty cool new releases coming up. But also recently released albums you can hear live at #dnk17 and some very interesting represses.

We Lost The Sea

We're very excited to have one of our favorite post-rock albums of the last few years available again. Departure Songs got repressed on new vinyl colors, released on dunk!records. Besides that we decided to repress their entire back catalog while we were at it. So that means we also have Crimea and The Quietest Place on Earth available on vinyl. All of them are limited edition and each release is coming in two different color configurations. These albums will be available at dunk!festival and in our online store after the festival. The band will of course take some copies with them when touring Europe.


Also from Australia and also playing this years edition is Meniscus. They never released anything on vinyl until now. So we're proud to be able to offer Refractions and War of Currents on vinyl for the first time ever! Also these will be available at the official festival dunk!store* and afterwards online. And of course they'll take some of those on their EU tour as well*.

* If they arrive in time! We heard there is a delay and the first day of the festival is an official holiday... Fingers crossed!

Lost In Kiev

Their latest album Nuit Noire was released on double vinyl in September 2016 but sold out a few weeks ago. Of course it would be a shame to not have this wonderful album available when they are bringing it live on our stage only 8 months after the release on dunk!records. So we went ahead and ordered a repress on new vinyl colors. I can assure you they look gorgeous. Of course it still sounds amazing as well. But you knew that already... This repress will be released at the festival.


After releasing Digressions and Maze on dunk!records we now present their latest album Veil. These guys will bring their brand new tunes to our dunk!stage, or maybe in front of the stage like their amazing show in 2015 where they played in the middle of the main stage tent. In any case it will be on or near the forest stage this time. Prepare for an energetic 40 minutes of intense math-post-rock-hardcore. Veil will be available on double vinyl at the festival and afterwards in our online store!

Already available and playing #dnk17

Pray For Sound and Set and Setting are coming over from the USA to bring their show to #dnk17. Everything Is Beautiful by Pray For Sound was released on double vinyl in September 2016. Set and Setting released Reflectionless on dunk!records in January 2017. Both albums are already available in our online store and obviously we'll have them available at festival as well!

Also Malämmar, Terraformer and Flash the Readies released their latest album on dunk!records in the last few months. Make sure to go and see them live on our stages. We promise you won't regret it!

Live at dunk!fest 2016

As you probably know we released the live shows of Pelican and Russian Circles at #dnk16 on double vinyl, artwork by Error! Design. There are just a few of the Pelican vinyls left and we found another box of the sold out Russian Circles LP! So both albums will be available at the festival.

Also new

Besides all these previous releases we also released some other interesting albums lately. There is the sleepmakeswaves repress of Love of Cartography, To Be Found by Coastlands, Muses by Audiolepsia (co-released with our friends of Aloud Music) and we have the third pressing of If Wolves by Kokomo available since a few weeks.

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