We didn't really wrap up dunk!festival2017 properly yet but there's no time to waste because the very first edition of dunk!USA is coming close already. In just 106 days we kick off the second dunk!festival in 2017, this time in Burlington, Vermont. And we're extremely excited about that! The line-up is shaping up real nice now and we hope to be able to announce a lot more bands very soon.

Besides that we also have the wonderful news that tickets are now officially available! Two-day passes are $95 and single day passes will be available soon.

Ranges (picture by LUXINVICTUS)

Ranges (picture by LUXINVICTUS)

This Patch of Sky is an instrumental post-rock band from Eugene, OR. Since their start in 2010, the band has learned to skillfully create crafted cinematic soundscapes, setting up the mood and feelings to become the soundtrack to your daily life. The sounds of TPOS falls between lush post-rock, organic ambience, and ethereal cinematic works, giving you the same effect of a cozy blanket that keeps you warm throughout a cold winter day.

With creative impetus driven by the expansive landscapes of their native Montana - which cried out for its own soundtrack - Bozeman’s RANGES began as a project but has grown into something more involved, inspired and conceptually rich. Founded only in 2013, they have experienced a prolific four-year stretch that has seen the release of two full-length albums, 3 EP’s and two singles. As the praise for their work has grown louder over time, the drive to outreach previous heights has only intensified. The Fall 2017 release of their upcoming third LP The Ascensionist promises to re-define the sonic palette of this tirelessly progressing band.

In a previous life, Tides of Man was a well-regarded post-hardcore band. In 2014, they boldly re-formed and emerged as an instrumental post-rock outfit. What could have been a risky move instead proved rewarding, as 2014’s Young and Courageous revealed itself to be one of the genre’s most exciting releases of that year. A 2015 appearance on Audiotree Live only further cemented their status. Blending carefully measured, calming melodies with hard-won crescendos, Tides of Man embodies everything modern post-rock has built its name upon. 3 years in the making, their much-anticipated sophomore release makes its way to excited ears in the Fall of 2017.

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