We noticed there are some issues to find a place to sleep during dunk!USA. One of the reasons we decided to take the festival to Vermont was the promise of an excellent setting with the leaves changing color in what they call the Green Mountain State, which won't be that green anymore... Because the leaves are now all sorts of colors... Anyway, you get it. But also a lot of other people decided to go there to enjoy the scenery during Columbus Weekend. That means hotels are getting fully booked. So we thought it was a good idea to list a few options for you:

  • Some hotels still have rooms available. Just check Booking.com, Trivago.com, hotels.com or google the sh*t out of it. Don't hesitate if you can find a hotel outside of Burlington. We went to see Stowe for example and staying there would be an extra! (Picture above was taken on top of Mt. Mansfield and you can just drive up there!)
  • Of course you can also check Airbnb. Plenty of interesting rooms available there. There's a teeny tiny mobile house in Charlotte or a private island with cottage pretty close to the venue actually.
  • And of course there is also the option to bring a tent and camp in the wonderful nature of Vermont. For example the North Beach Campground or the Lone Pine Campsites.

Let this be the adventure of the year! Discover some wonderful music at dunk!USA and explore this breath taking nature while you're there.