Make it easy on yourself and automatically receive every future dunk!release on vinyl from now on. And guess what, you get those with a 10% discount. Every time! And we select the most interesting shipping rate for you. So you don't have to do anything else than subscribe once and enjoy new releases for as long as you want. Of course you can sign out of this at any time.

So let me repeat myself:

  • You get every future dunk!release on vinyl before release day.
  • That includes limited edition releases before they are all gone, even before they are properly released!
  • 10% off on all those releases, on top of other possible promotions.
  • Receive notifications about limited offers before they go on sale, if they ever go on sale... (Limited stock offers, exclusive imported vinyls, test presses, discounts,...)
  • Every order is generated by us and payments are automatically processed at the moment your order is being prepared.
  • You only pay for the albums we actually release (+shipping costs). Not one release more or less.


What does it cost? Nothing! Only the price of every release (-10% discount) + shipping.

What do I have to do for it? Nothing again! Just subscribe once and wait for the carrier to drop your first package.

How many albums can I expect to receive like this? In 2016 we released 8 albums on vinyl. For 2017 we plan to release 10-15 albums on vinyl. Payments will be generated for each release separately so if we can only come up with 9 releases you didn't pay for that 10th. Most releases are being scheduled for spring and fall months. Summer and winter are more quiet.

What are the usual shipping rates? Depends on where you are. Shipping one LP inside BE is approximately €5 • DE and NL: €7,5 • FR: €9,8 • UK: €11,2 • LX: €7,8. These rates are estimates and can be slightly lower or higher depending on the weight of the particular release. If you're located in another country than these we suggest to get in touch with us to check your shipping rate before you subscribe.

Why do I receive two welcoming emails? By registering for this subscription you are entering a different system that handles customer groups and payments on a very efficient way that is not offered as a standard service in our webshop platform. However this app is connected to the official dunk!store to push all information to our daily workflow to faster process the order handling. You can use the same login at the official dunk!store.

Wait. I only received one welcoming email? That is because you were probably already registered as a customer in our dunk!store.

Why am I charged €0 for this so called dunk!vinyl subscription? That is because the system is based on a subscription model. But we decided to make it a free subscription (with a discount on top!). So you're being charged €0 once a year to renew your free subscription. Nothing to worry about! If you think there's not such a thing as a free subscription you can still donate any amount, small or big, through here ;-). It will be much appreciated!