Our most important project is of course the festival. We work through the year to spot and book bands, search for the best sound & light partners, optimize every little aspect of the festival... We strive to offer a surprising line-up on two highly professional stages with the best sound and light set-up we can get. Besides that we also make sure our visitors can enjoy a cold Belgian beer, served by our happy volunteers. The catering team goes out to buy the best ingredients to make classical local dishes or more exotic plates and of course our Belgian Fries boys are there to serve the best fries in town. Free breakfast and coffee during the festival means everyone is prepared for the day.

For the first time in 2017 there will be two editions of the festival. The one in Belgium and a brand new US edition in Burlington, Vermont.

Besides offering a stage we also support a small selection of bands in releasing their albums. Since 2011 the label releases 5 to 10 albums a year on vinyl and CD. Since recently we are able to release more albums and our focus shifted to vinyl. Of course high quality is also extremely important in this project. Vinyl is (almost) always pressed on heavy 180g vinyl and most albums have upgraded cardboard covers. Our standard CD releases are digipacks with upgraded cardboard and matte varnish. Check all our releases here.

Because there are more great bands than we can put on our stage or release on the label we created a webshop to support more bands in spreading their music. The official dunk!store has all dunk!releases but also a whole bunch of other hand picked albums. So it could be seen as our own private album collection we share with you. Records are shipped to most EU countries and the USA. Shipping is free for larger orders. Since 2016 we are working together with A Thousand Arms to offer our releases to US based fans. And since 2017 there is an actual physical dunk!store in Ghent. Come and say hi!